Approved College List

Pursuant to interim order dated 03.07.2018 in W.P.No. 6435/2018 & W.P. 8585/2017 ( Indian Law Society & Ors. V/s Stat of Maharashtra & Ors.) additional 40 seats for 1rst year of 3 years & additional 60 seats for 1rst year of 5 years Law Courses are displayed in terms of prayer clause (e) subject to the final decision of W.P.No. 6435/2018 & W.P. 8585/2017 and without prejudice to rights & contentions of Govt. of Maharashtra that college is not entitled to these additional seats without seeking prior approval of additional division from Govt. in accordance in law. Students are put to notice that admission on these additional seats are subject to the final decision in W.P.No. 6435/2018 & W.P. 8585/2017.